November 5, 2022, SAN FRANCISCO

Story Summit

Top founders and scientists write stories with sci-fi author Ken Liu.

Hosted by Nebula and Hugo award-winning author of The Paper Menagerie, Ken Liu, in partnership with Alexandria Labs.Story Summit is located at 50 Years in San Francisco.


We are producing high-quality literature.

If science fiction has impacted your work, from The Matrix, to The Three Body Problem, to Ted Chiang, to Greg Egan, join us to write a collection of stories that is intimate to our current time.We're looking for top founders and researchers from AI alignment to egg freezing and everything in between.The team at Alexandria will collect the stories of participants who choose to share them, and publish them as a work of modern sci-fi mythology.

The details:
Cost: $850 (covers workshop fee / patronage to the arts, which Ken has generously discounted for this group)
Date: November 5, 2022
Location: the home of 50 Years, San Francisco
Friday, November 4: welcome drinks
Saturday, November 5: workshop (main event)
Sunday, November 6: writing time and conversations


Turn your founder story into mythos.

Apply to Story Summit below

Questions? DM us @AlexandriaLabs